Flyer distribution Campaing Process

If you have no idea how to start here are some steps to make it clear:


  • I have the printed flyer, you only will need to send us an email or thru the contact form with the amount you want to distribute we will get you back as soon as possible. We can advice you by telling you what would be the best zone depending on your target or potencial clients
  • No disponen del folleto, pero si del diseño, podemos ofrecer impresión con reparto y disfrutar del mejor precio al integrar los dos servicios.
  • Y si no disponen de diseño de folleto, ofrecemos servicio de diseño a su gusto, creando un folleto atractivo,  junto con la impresión y el reparto

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Whats your service coverage? Where do you distribute?

We deliver in all the country,and islands

How many flyers must be printed in order to see the results?

The leaflets and flyer distribution needs a couple of actions to fully enjoy its best results. You must bear in mind that the deign must be very attractive a clear and short message . Also some illustrative pictures, all your info as well as social media, is advised.


How many times should I contract your services?

It depends on the service/product you offer, we recommend in general two actions per month.

Could you desing the flyer/leaflet for me?

We can desing your leaflet or flyer apart formt he distribution price.Contact us for a quote.


Do you offer printing services?
Yes, we offer printing services with great value. We will always be enviromental friendly.

How can I pay ?

Once we know your needs we will design the campaign we will send you and invoice so you can accept it and so you can pay it. After this we will start the process.

What is the social media service?

Basically is when we create content for your service/ company to reinforce the direct marketing campaing. It is included in the price of your first marketing campaing. We offer this service also separetly, contact us.

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